Welcome to Reading cup 2023

Saturday, 2nd September 2023
Palmer Park , Reading

Youth (18+)

Entry fee: £250
First prize: £2023
2nd prize: £1023
Vet (36+)

Entry fee: £250
First prize: £1023
2nd prize: £523
Super Vet (45+)

Entry fee: £150
First prize: £523
2nd prize: £323
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Please book your team on time and reserve the place now As you know last year we missed 12 teams in our competition because of limited football ground and pitches. Please note that it is “ First come first serve “ with the payment of team entry fee . It means “ first paid first priority” . Rules and regulations will be dispatched soon to the related team coach or team leaders . Payment method will be the bank transfer or payment through online. Once you contact us for the registration of your teams , we will circulate all of the information about the tournament. Once again we would like to welcome all the teams and players in our Mega Nepali football tournament and Nepali festival 2023.

Don't leave it until the last minute. We are getting high demand from the teams around the UK to take part in the Reading Cup, so secure your place by registering your team.
  • Payment should be made before the 18 August.
  • Team will not be confirmed until payment is made
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Reading Cup 2023 Rule for Youths and Veterans
Reading Cup 2023 Rule for Super Veterans (45+)

Youth Teams


Veteran Teams (36-45 years)


Super Veteran Teams (Over 45)